Project Roll-out

Due to the size of the project, we will need to construct the Zone in multiple stages.

This means the benefits of construction (more jobs, more people spending at local establishments, more opportunities for local businesses) last longer, which creates a sustained economic boost to the region.

We expect there will be 5 stages: 3 for Goyder South and 2 for Goyder North.

Each stage should consist of approximately:

  • 400MW of wind generation
  • 200MW of solar generation
  • 300MW of battery storage

Just 1 of these stages will be larger than the current largest renewable generator in Australia.

We will construct Goyder South first because it’s close to Robertstown substation. This is where the power will connect to the grid.

When we construct Goyder North, a new transmission line will run from Goyder North to Goyder South.

Each stage will likely take 18-24 months to build. We hope to do this as a “roll out”, so each new stage starts when the previous stage ends.

Goyder at a glance