Neoen acknowledges the Ngadjuri people, Traditional Owners of the land on which Goyder Renewables Zone will harvest and store the energy of the wind and sun. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present.


Goyder South is split between Stage 1 (to the left of the map) and Stage 2/3 (to the right).

Stage 1 is currently being constructed as a wind farm, and Stage 2 has received development approval for wind, solar and battery storage.

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Wind turbines are tall structures that can capture stronger winds at higher altitudes. Turbines are generally 150-270m in height.


Solar farms are quiet, with the same solar panels you would place on your roof – there are just more of them.


Battery storage allows us to store the wind and solar energy and provide it to the grid whenever it’s needed.


Neoen is the developer of Goyder Renewables Zone and the owner/operator of the projects.

For Goyder South Stage 1, our construction contractors are GE Renewable Energy who manufacture, supply, install and commission the wind turbines.

Elecnor are the balance of plant contractor, responsible for the civil construction, cable trenches and turbine foundations as well as the overhead line and substation.

Energy customers

There are three power purchase agreements (PPA) for Goyder South Stage 1:

We secured the first power purchase agreement with ACT Government in 2020. This is a 14-year contract to provide 100 MW. 

“The ACT has been an Australian leader in being powered by 100% renewable electricity and we are using reverse auctions like this to make sure we continue this as our city expands and our power consumption increases.
– Shane Rattenbury, Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability for the ACT

In 2022, we signed a 10-year power purchase agreement with Flow Power to deliver 40 MW of energy. 

“Flow Power is proud to be supporting Neoen’s Goyder South Stage 1 project with our long-term PPA commitment. This PPA represents a significant contribution to Flow Power’s renewable energy portfolio and will enable us to continue providing Australian energy users access to leading clean energy projects.”  
– Matthew van der Linden, Flow Power CEO 

We signed a 70 MW renewable energy baseload contract with BHP in 2022, which will provide electricity to BHP’s Olympic Dam operations from 2026.

“BHP is consciously working towards our target of at least a 30 per cent reduction in our operational emissions by FY2030. Renewable energy partnerships, such as this agreement with Neoen, are important steps towards that outcome, and our longer-term 2050 net zero goal.” 
– Vandita Pant, Chief Commercial Officer, BHP. 

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