Goyder Renewables Zone

Combining wind, solar and storage

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Goyder Renewables Zone is a large hybrid renewable energy project proposed for the area around Burra, in the Goyder region of South Australia. It’s part of a new generation of projects that combine wind with solar and battery storage in order to provide renewable energy 24/7.


Wind turbines are tall structures in the landscape, their height helps them to capture stronger wind at higher altitudes.


Solar farms are quiet, and the solar panels are the same as you would find on the roof of a house on your street – there are just more of them.


Battery storage allows us to store the wind and solar energy and provide it to the grid whenever it’s needed.


The project is located near the town of Burra, in the north west of South Australia, 2 hour’s drive from Adelaide.

The Zone consists of two separate projects – Goyder North and Goyder South which are located to the north and south of Burra.

The famous Goyder’s Line runs through the middle of the site.


The project will bring a range of benefits to the local community, surrounding region and SA.


$6-$10 MILLION in annual income paid to local land owners and neighbours and up to 40 ongoing job during operations

For the climate

Producing more than
8,000,000 MWh of renewable energy per year, displacing 1.5 million tonnes of CO2.

For your community

Up to $1,000,000 per year
funding for community projects


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We develop projects which we own & operate over the long term, leading to high quality projects with a strong commitment to surrounding communities.

As a renewable energy specialist, Neoen focuses on producing green electricity via renewable sources such as sunlight and wind, both using mature, tried and tested technologies. We have also honed our expertise in energy storage to be able to contend with the intermittent output of renewable energy technologies and contribute to their development. We operate on a vertically integrated basis across the whole life cycle of our power plants, developing and operating them with a long-term outlook.