Neoen acknowledges the Ngadjuri people, Traditional Owners of the land on which Goyder Renewables Zone will harvest and store the energy of the wind and sun. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present.

Delivery of Wind Turbines Goyder South Stage 1

Delivery of wind turbines for Goyder South Stage 1 will commence from September 2023 and continue for a period of approximately 12 months (till September 2024). Weather and transport conditions permitting, deliveries will occur 6 days per week (Monday to Saturday).
It is intended that 1-2 turbines will be transported weekly from Flinders, Port Adelaide to the project site south of Burra at Porters Lagoon Road.

Each wind turbine consists of 5 tower sections, 3 blades, 1 machine Head, 1 hub and 1 drive train.
Each delivery is projected to commence from Port Adelaide around 4:00AM (ACST) and pass through:

  1. Adelaide to Jamestown: between 4:00AM to 9:00AM.
  2. Jamestown to Goyder South Stage 1 project site: between 9:00AM to 12:00PM.

A typical weekly schedule (subject to updates) will be:

Delivery day

Turbine components scheduled to be on the road

Monday / Day1

2 Blades, 2 Tower Sections, Hub

Tuesday / Day2

1 Blade, 3 Tower Sections

Wednesday / Day3

Machine head, Drive Train

Thursday / Day4

2 Blades, 2 Tower Sections, Hub

Friday / Day5

1 Blade, 3 Tower Sections

Saturday / Day6

Machine head, Drive Train

The team at Goyder South Stage 1, along with project delivery partners, will continue to prioritise the safety of all communities, personnel, and motorists for the duration of these deliveries. We thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time.
If any person sees a pilot or police escort vehicle approach them, they should slow down immediately and safely pull over to the side of the road to allow the deliveries to pass. If anyone finds themselves driving behind an oversized load, we request that they do not pass the vehicle until a pilot or police escort has given the instruction to do so. Motorists should not try to overtake the loads without this indication from the pilot or escort.